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Business Process Management Provider
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When hiring a business process management provider, an organization should analyze the following. Do you want business process management provider
  • who will do everything for you because you don't have internal resources with skill and/or time to define your macro, sub, and micro processes?

  • to train you, show you the way, and then watch you define the processes before you actually define processes, and then assist you with defining the processes?

  • to analyze your reporting needs

  • to select the appropriate internal or external software and applications

  • to actually implement the applications and software

  • to design the management reports for various levels of management?

  • to sell management on the why your organization should manage by processes?

  • design a communication program with multiple ways of communicating to your executives, managers, and employees?

  • actual implement this multi-tier communication program

  • to review and educate executives and managers on what the cross functional business processes are telling the organization

  • to relate the cross functional business processes to your strategy

  • to relate the cross functional business processes to your key performance indicators

  • to relate the cross functional business processes to your operating and capital budgets

  • to help with your change management program

  • provide business process management training for your executives, managers, and employees

  • educate executives and process managers on how to manage using cross functional business processes?

  • develop cross functional business process performance measures relating to both strategy and functional targets.

  • educate the board on types of questions they should ask executives using cross functional business metrics

  • to educate your executives on overcoming resistance to change

  • to educate management on how to deal with managers who still focus on their department while sacrificing organization and process goals and targets


Once you answer these types of questions, you can begin to ask what skills do you need from your business process management provider?

  • what experience does the specific consultant have?

  • are you paying for a name or are you paying for experience?

  • how flexible is the consultant?

  • how does consultant ensure that knowledge is transferred to your organization?

  • Is consultant available for follow-up?

  • how long will it take to complete pilot and initial implementation?

  • what is total cost of implementation rather than just cost per hour? [a lower cost per hour by inexperienced consultants may take more hours of valuable staff time and may end up costing your more total money with poorer results.]

 Call John Antos, Jim Brimson or Pat Dowdle at 972-980-7407 to find out how we can assist you

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