Business Process Management Technology
Business Process Management Technology
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What is a Business Process Management Technology? SiteMap

According to Wikipedia:

"Business Process Management in Information Technology encompasses the analysis and study of the business processes present in various business verticals and domains which are aimed to be automated with the use of Information Technology and software systems."

Other pages in this website have discussed the value of Business Process Management and provided the reader with examples.

Once organization has:

  • decided that business process management is more effective than just managing by departments and cost centers
  • determined its major, cross functional and minor business processes
  • appointed a process owner and manager
  • documented its processes
  • started using these documented processes for initial and continuous training
  • started to implement continuous improvement by focusing on cross functional business processes
  • looked at relating compensation to business process performance
  • related cross functional business processes to:
    • organization goals
    • Strategies
    • Key Performance Indicators

Then the organization needs to determine how much Information Technology they need and want to implement for Business Process Management.

Business Process Management Technology Concerns:

  • What is the least amount of technology needed to improve our cross functional business processes and achieve our goals
  • Can we simply document our cross functional business processes in Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, butcher paper or do we need a more sophisticated software?
  • How will this technology actually improve performance of our processes?
  • Will the technology simplify reporting so we can focus on improving or will accounting and IT resources be tied up with reporting in the new technology rather than most improving our processes?
  • Can this technology be part of another application like Business Intelligence or Performance Management software or should it be stand alone software?
  • What is our budget for business process management technology?
  • Do we have the technical resources as well as the time to implement and manage this technology?
  • Who should own and be responsible for this technology? Accounting, Operations, or IT?
  • How easy is it to maintain this technology?
  • How often do we have to upgrade this business process management technology?
  • Will this technology make a difference in sending a signal to everyone that business process management is here to stay and it is not a passing fad like other programs that came and went?
  • Will we need outside consulting help on implementing the business process management technology or just on setting up our business process management system?

The links to the right will give you more information about individual aspects of Business Process Management.

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