Process Hierarchy
Business Process Management Requires Process Hierarchy
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What is Process Hierarchy? SiteMap

A hierarchy is simply an ordering from large to small or items above or below. So a process hierarchy is simply an ordering or processes from very large (Macro) to very small (Micro)

  • Macro Processes: 8-12 major processes in an organization
    • product Service or Manufacture Product
    • Procure Supplies and Materials
    • Provide Trained Employees
    • Provide Financial Information
    • Provide Information Technology
    • Market and Sell to Customers
    • Design Products and Services
    • Develop Visions and Strategy
    • Provide Physical Resources
    • Manage Environment
    • Manage External Relationships
    • Mange Improvement and Change
  • Business Processes or cross functional business processes: next smaller group of processes under 8-12 major processes (e.g. for Macros Process Provide Trained Employees, business processes might be
    • Hire Employees
    • Train Employees
    • Manage Benefits
    • Manage Performance Appraisals
  • Micros Processes are subsets of Business Processes
  • (e.g. business process Train Employees micros processes might be
    • Manage employee individual training program
    • Create new training programs
    • Manage on-line training programs
    • Conduct training programs

You could take these micro processes and further sub divide them if the organization felt this would be useful.

Improvement is usually done at the business process or micro process level

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