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Process Flow Chart Examples including Manufacturing Process Flow Chart SiteMap
Process Flow Charts, Process Flow Diagrams, and Process Mapping Methodology are synonyms.

Process Flow Charts, Process Flow Diagrams, and Process Methodology will differ only based on what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. Why are you creating a process flow chart? (IT process maps are often data flow maps which are different than traditional process maps)
  2. Do you want "as is" or "to be" process map?
  3. Determine level of detail do you need in order to achieve your process mapping goals?
  4. Decide which software you will use?
    • None, just large sheets of paper
    • Excel, Word, PowerPoint
    • Visio
  5. Decide on just a few simple symbols (e.g. diamonds equal decision points or rectangle boxes equal activities?
  6. Hang process map on wall for everyone to see
  7. Review process at least quarterly
  8. Revise map as process changes
  9. Keep process map posted for 
    • new employees
    • suppliers to process
    • customers of process
    • current employees
  10. Share process flow chart with your internal or external customers and with your outside  suppliers or with internal suppliers
  11. Improve process continuously
  12. Assign someone to be responsible for process flow chart

Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Review Sales Forecast-->Review New Product Introduction Schedule-->Run Production Scheduling Program-->

Get Executive Approval of Manufacturing-->Share Schedule with Purchasing-->Review Schedule with all Manufacturing Departments-->

Set up Machines-->Deliver Parts from Warehouse to Machines-->Run Production-->Inspect Production-->Package Production-->

Deliver Production to Finished Goods Warehouse

Depending on:

  • size of manufacturing facility from 10,000 square feet to several million square feet
  • manufacturing complexity (e.g. 6 layer bill of materials)
  • purpose of process flow chart

all affect how much information one should capture in a manufacturing process flow chart.

Process Flow Diagram Example for Preparing Monthly Financial Statements

Reverse Prior Month Accruals-->Close Sub Ledgers-->>Review Trial Balanced-->Prepare Current Month Accruals-->

Run Financial Statement Reports-->Review and Correct Financial Statements-->

Review and Obtain Executive Approval of Financial Statements-->Distribute Financial Statement--Answer Questions

Organization size, complexity, and purpose will again determine amount of detail to put into process flow diagrams.

Process ID

In a Business Process Management Solution, a Process ID is simply some type of identifying distinguishing one process from another or subsets of processes. For example:

Process      Process or Sub-process Description

8.                   Prepare, Manage, and Distribute Financial Information

8.1                Prepare Monthly Financial Reports
8.1.1            Close sub-ledgers
8.1.2            Reverse previous months accruals
8.1.3            Run Trial Balance



8.2               Prepare Tax Returns

For information on Process Management, click on Process Management

Call or email John Antos or Pat Dowdle at 972-980-7407 to find out how process mapping support process improvement and process management. 

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Process Mapping is Important Step To Understanding Your Processes

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