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Business Process Management Requires Process Control
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Achieve Process Control first then Improve Your Process SiteMap

Process Control has become an important first step in Business Process Management.

Process Control simply means that a process must be able to work within a certain range before an organization can start work on process improvement.

Some organizations who use quality or six sigma as one of their improvement tools might use process control charts to get their process under control. Process Control Charts simply track the performance of a process over time. As long as a process is performing within a certain range, that process is said to be under control. For example, an organization might decide that they want to finalize their monthly financial statements within 5 days after the close of the previous months. They may decide that as long as they finalize their monthly financial statements within 4 to 6 days (plus or minus 1 day of the target) they will consider their process in control. Meanwhile a doctor performing Lasik surgery on your eyes might need a range of only plus or minus 1/100 of an inch. Thus different processes require tighter or looser ranges to be considered acceptable.

Once a process is in control, an organization can start improving that process. Improving a process prior to getting it under control is often a waste of time because employees won't know what is causing the process to have large variations. If there are a number of drivers causing these large variations then how would anyone know how important each driver is.

In some cases everyone knows the process is broken. In this case, it may make sense to throw out the old process and just redesign or reengineer a new process. 

Process control techniques have been around for over 100 years and are well proven. The problem with process control techniques like control charts is that employees may not consistently collect the data needed to determine if process control has been achieved.

Process Control is a subset of Process Management. Process Control is often thought of as being a Quality  Management or Six Sigma Tool. However, Process Control Is really just part of Process Management.

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