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Business Process Excellence is never achieved because your competition is always getting better and your customers are always becoming more demanding. We live in an over capacity world. As one Dell supplier found out as he returned to his seat after being given an Aware for excellent customer service to Dell, before he sat down with his award, he was asked by Dell what are you going to do to improve next year. So much for basking in the sun and enjoying your award.

This is the new norm today. Mexico was the low cost producer until along came China. Then China was low cost producer until along came other Asian countries. So the cycle continues. At one time quality levels of 90% were acceptable. Then it was 95% quality and then 99% quality levels. In the last 10 years people talk about 6 sigma quality which is 3.4 defects per million. Just think about reconciling your own personal checking account and ask yourself if you can go an entire year without making an error. Most of us would say we make several errors during the year and most of us do not have one million transactions.

So what is Business Process Excellence

  • Your process is designed to meet your customers demands. A fast food restaurant will have different quality levels than a 5 star restaurant. However both can have food acquisition, food preparation, and food serving processes that are designed excellently for their intended customers.
  • Excellent Business Processes are in control. This means they achieve the results they were intended to. A partially cooked chicken probably does not meet process excellence in either a five star or a fast food restaurant.
  • Process Owners and Managers are focused on continuous business process improvement.
  • Process owners, managers, and employees are constantly asking their customers what else they can do to satisfy them (e.g. better morning coffee at fast food restaurants at a reasonable price is an example of aiming for process excellence.

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