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Business Process Management Requires Understanding Process Capability
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James Brimson in his book "The Handbook of Process-based Accounting, Leveraging Processes to Predict Results published by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, say:

  • "process capability is measure of range of work that a process can cope with... Process capabilities  are a measure of scope or breadth of work the process is qualified  to effectively handle."

An example will help you understand this. A hospital may design a process to correct near or far sighted patients. This process uses vary expensive and very precise equipment. Using this same equipment to cut down trees in a forest would not be cost effective. However, the trees would be cut far more accurately.

Meanwhile using an axe to cut trees in the forest may be very cost effective and sufficiently precise. However, the axe would not meet patient expectations for correcting their vision problems.

So this examples shows that these two processes (i.e., improving patient vision and cutting trees with an axe) were designed with different process capabilities. They were both designed to be cost effective and meet customer expectations.

Understand that no matte how well the lumberjack executes the process, cutting with an axe will never have the process capabilities to meet patient expectations. So understand that:

  • better employee selection,
  • higher quality materials (e.g. better steel in axe)
  • more careful execution
  • superior initial and follow-up training

are not always the answer. Sometimes the process just needs to be reengineered to match the process capability to the desired outcomes of your customers.

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