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Process Analysis Defined
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What is Process Analysis? SiteMap
Wikipedia says:

Process or processing typically describes the act of taking something through an established and usually routine set of procedures to convert it from one form to another, as a manufacturing or administrative procedure, such as processing milk into cheese, or processing paperwork to grant a mortgage loan, or converting computer data from one form to another.

So process analysis reviews that set of procedures or activities required to convert or process input into  some type of output.

Example of a process that require analysis include

Employee Procurement and Training Process

  • Define job requirement by department than needs employee
  • Get management approval to hire
  • Post job internally
  • Post job externally on internet
  • Review resumes
  • Interview candidates by HR
  • Interview candidates by department needing employees
  • Make Job over
  • Perform drug tests
  • Obtain security badge
  • Train employee
  • Arrange for computer and phone

Process Analysis includes:

  • Looking at all departments and cost center performing activities related to a single process
  • Review cost drivers that interfere with performing this process
  • Review process performance measures
  • Instigate changes to process

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