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Business Process Management Books and Articles
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Handbook of Process-Based Accounting, Leveraging Processes to Predict Results published by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

This books discussed the importance of changing our focus from historical financial statements to focusing on the future.  In a more consistent economy reviewing historical results may have made more sense.

Today we need to de-emphasize historical financial statements and focus on our processes and how our processes will create our future.

This ground breaking book will help you survive and prosper in turbulent times of 21st century.

Business Process Management Books

  • Implementing Process Based Management in Organizations (2009)
  • Process Based Management: A Foundation for Business Excellence (2007)
  • The Road to Excellence: The CAM-I Process Based Management Guide (2003)
Business Process Management Articles
  • Where Process-Improvement Projects Go Wrong, Satya S. Chakravort, Wall Street Journal, January 25, 2010 page R6
  • When Should a Process Be Art Not Science? Joseph M. Hall and M. Eric Johnson Harvard Business Review, Mar 2009
  • The Fatal Flaw in Pay for Performance by Ben W. Heineman, Jr. Harvard Business Review Jun 2008
  • The Coming Commoditization of Processes Thomas H. Davenport Harvard Business Review Jun 2005
  •  "Starting the Journey to Process Based Management" Pat Dowdle (May 2009 BPM
  • "A Roadmap to help your Organization become Process-based" Pat Dowdle (Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, July/August 2008)
  •  "Process Based Management at Work in an Organization" Pat Dowdle (Cost Management, September/October 2006) 
  • Andress, Mandy, Internal Service Level Agreements Benefit Entire Company, {Clear expectations, metrics, and incentives boost systems performance, productivity, and morale.}, Infoworld, April 30, 2001, P.52

  • Chase, Richard & Dasu, Sriram, Want to Perfect Your Company Services? Use Behavioral Science, HBR, June 2001, P.78

  • Frieswick, Kris, Truth & Consequences, CFO, June 2001 Vol.17 No.7, p.56, (performance appraisal process)

  • Gardner, Robert A., Resolving Process Paradox, Quality Progress, March 2001 p.51

  • Kador, John, Leveraging Process Improvement, {Four strategies to squeeze success from process improvement}, Infoworld, March 19, 2001 , P.39

  • Krell, Eric, Picking Right Performance Measures, IT Financial Management, June 2001, p.8

  • Leahy, Tad, 20/20 Vision in Performance Reporting, Business Finance, Jan. 2001, P.32 

  • Peiperl, Maury, Getting 360-Degree Feedback Right, HBR, January 2001, P.142

  • Worthen, Ben, Measuring the ROI of training, CIO, February 15, 2001 , P.128

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