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What is a Business Process Manager SiteMap

We can define a Business Process Manager as

  • Someone who has responsibility and authority over all the activities and procedures plus all departments and cost centers related to a single process

So how is this different than an Executive who is responsible for a single department or cost center?

Let's use a Vice President of Human Resources for this example. A VP of HR often only has authority and responsibility for part of Procuring and Training Employee Process. Although every organization is set up differently lets look at the activities below and guess which activities a VP of HR would typically have authority and responsibility for:

Employee Procurement and Training Process

  1. Define job requirement by department than needs employee
  2. Get management approval to hire
  3. Post job internally
  4. Post job externally on internet
  5. Review resumes
  6. Interview candidates by HR
  7. Interview candidates by department needing employees
  8. Make Job over
  9. Perform drug tests
  10. Obtain security badge
  11. Train employee
  12. Install computer and phone

After you take a guess, I will give you the answers below. No cheating. I want you to learn something form this exercise.

Yes: 3-6, 8, 9,

No: 1-2, 7 Done by department requesting new employee

10: Security: often part of Facilities

11: Training, may be part of HR

12: IT

We have all heard of stories where an employee shows up for work and his computer and phone still are not working.

So a person who is a process manager is responsible for the entire process. This process manager would not have authority to select the computer and phone system typically, but they would be responsible to see that when a new employee arrives on their first day of work, their company and phone is set up and working.

So one of the big differences of a Process Manager is that they have responsibility and authority over the entire process which covers several departments and cost centers.

Some organizations use two people to manage a process:

  • Process Owner: senior executive ultimately responsible
  • Process Manager: handles daily activities of managing a process

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