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Net Profit Margin Ratio
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Increase net profit margins ratio (profitability ratios, accounting profit, company profit, net profit) by eliminating waste so dollars spent on non-value can be spent on new products/services, marketing, sales, automation, training, business process, and other value creating processes.

Techniques to eliminate waste including: 

How to Calculate Profit Margins:

  • What is Net Profit Margin: all relevant revenue minus relevant expenses for company, division, product, customer, channel, ski, service/product
  • Define Profit Margin: revenue minus relevant expenses
  • Calculating Net Profit Margin Ratio: Net Profit Margin divided by Revenue
  • a Profit and Loss Statement or Profit and Loss Report: statement or statement or report showing all relevant revenue and expenses for a company, division, subsidiary,  joint venture.
  • Profit Centers: department, division, product, or service in which you can subtract relevant expenses from relevant revenue
  • Accounting Profit: profit calculated using GAAP as opposed to Tax Profit which follows tax rules.
  • Net Profit: revenue minus expenses including operating, financing, and tax expenses
  • Profitability Ratio Analysis: reviewing revenue and expenses to determine opportunities for improvement

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