Gross Profit Margin Ratio
Gross Profit Margin Ratio
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Techniques to eliminate waste including in order to increase your Gross Profit Margin Ratio

Different Gross Profit Margin Ratios More Effectively manage your organization.:

  • Total Gross Margin Ratio:  total net revenue minus total cost of good sold
  • Channel Gross Margin Ratio: channel net revenue minus channel cost of good sold
  • Customer Revenue: customer net revenue minus customer cost of good sold
  • Product Gross Margin: product net revenue minus product cost of good sold
  • Service Gross Margin: service net revenue minus service cost of good sold
  • SKU Gross Profit Margin: sku net revenue minus sku cost of good sold

All Ratios are calculated by

Revenue minus Cost of Goods Sold = Gross Profit Margin

Ratio= Gross Profit Margin divided by Revenue

Email below or Call John Antos at 972-980-7407 to find out how we can help you calculate and improve your Gross Margin Ratios by eliminating waste.

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