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Pricing correctly will make a difference in your success.
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Price and Pricing Decisions are Critical To good Business Management

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Setting the optimal price and making correct pricing decisions is critical to any company's success.

Understanding your cost is important  because you don't want to set your price below your cost. However, you may knowingly set your price below or at cost in order to induce customers to come to your location or to try your product or service.

If you set your price too high you will discourage sales unless your product or service is inelastic.

If you set your price to low you can create a price war where no company wins because no one can make a profit at such a low price. If you set your price too low, then your organization is giving up revenue and profit they could have had.

Market sets the price and you need to produce the product or service below that price, outsource parts, or stop selling it.

Pricing Articles:

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