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Predictive Accounting
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4th Financial Statement Predictive Process Statement

Process Financial Statement is:

  • Forward looking:  As long as organizations focus on history they can never shape their future.  A proactive statement helps you shape your future rather than simply react to historical events.
  • Focuses on processes not cost elements: this process focus helps you understand interrelationships of enterprise. Stable predictable processes helps you predict outcomes and progress toward targets. 
  • Shows where value is created & where value is lost

Predictive Accounting¢€Developers

4th Financial Statement is being developed by Global Think Tank of 150 Professors and Jim Brimson, manager of CAM-I Cost Management project that brought you Activity Based Costing and co-author of 5 books on Activity Based Costing, Management, and Budgeting. 

To learn more about Predictive Accounting, attend a public seminar or on-site seminar at your organization.  To find out more, click here for Predictive Accounting Training

Call Jim Brimson or John Antos at 972.980.7407 to find out how 4th Financial Statement of Predictive Accounting TM can give you Peace of Mind.

Find Out How 4th Financial Statement Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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