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Relationship Between Six Sigma/Quality and Activity Based Management SiteMap

Six Sigma/Quality & Activity Base Management (ABM) Support Each Other

Six Sigma/Quality and ABM are interrelated and supportive of each other.

Although many consultants will state that their technique is superior to the other technique, reality is that these techniques are similar to each other. Each technique is stronger in some areas than the other technique.

If an organization is using one technique successfully, it may want to explore other technique to gain the relative advantage of that techniques.

Six Sigma/Quality & Activity Based Management (ABM) Strengths

Six Sigma/Quality/ABM incorporate:

  • Root cause/cost driver analysis
  • Action plans to eliminate root causes
  • Cause and Effect diagrams
  • Process flow charting
  • Business Process analysis
  • Process Thinking

Six Sigma/Quality is stronger in Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Activity Based Management is stronger in costing of activities and business processes.

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Shared Services/Transfer Pricing Using Activity Based Costing

Six Sigma/Quality & Activity Based Management
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