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Activity Based Management Consulting Implementation
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Activity Based Management (ABM) Consulting/Coaching SiteMap

Create Activity Based Management Implementation Plan
Provide advice on ABM Implementation Plan Including Schedule, Communication, Cost Centers, Coordinators, Working With Senior Executive, Software, etc.

Facilitate ABM Workshops
Actually facilitate ABM workshops, co-facilitate workshops, and watch your implementation team facilitate workshops and provide them with useful feedback.

Build ABC Software Model
Train on Software Coach Your Team As They Build Software Model Review Software Model

Offer Suggestions From Workshop Conducted by You
After you have watched us and we have watched you facilitate workshops, you will facilitate workshops on your own. We will review the output from your workshops and provide advice. You may ask us to actually facilitate a group which is difficult or which needs to hear what other organizations are doing.

Take From ABC to ABM
We take organizations who have implemented ABC and coach them on how to implement the process improvement components of ABM

Answer Questions
Organizations call us in from time to time to answer specific ABM and ABC software questions

Work With Senior Management
Keeping senior management focused is often a challenge. We provide suggestions both at the start of a project as well as after the initial implementation

Integrate ABM With Other Initiatives

Integrate ABM With:

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Economic Create Added
  • Lean Manufacturing & Accounting
  • Quality /6 Sigma
  • Value Based Management (VBM)

More Accurate Product/Service Costing and Pricing with ABM

Product/Service Price Cost Profit
1 $14 $6 $8
2 $1,500 $1,600 $(100)
3 $40,000 $36,000 $4,000

More Accurate Customer/Channel Costs and Prices with ABM

Customer Price Cost Profit
1 $140,000 $135,000 $5,000
2 $150,000 $160,00 $(10,000)
3 $400,000 $390,000 $10,000

Call Jim Brimson or John Antos at 972-980-7407 to find out how Activity Based Management can help you reach your goals and give your peace of mind

Activity Based Management Benefits A Superior Way to Manage

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