Activity Based Management Training
Activity Based Management Training
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ABM Overview to Senior Executives and Managers SiteMap

Provide 1-2 hour overviews for senior executives to:

  • obtain their support
  • answer any questions
  • obtain agreement on what to focus on

ABM Training for Implementers

Provide 1-5 day Training for ABM Implementation Team to:

  • obtain their support
  • answer any questions
  • show how to sell to managers and process workers
  • explain concepts
  • demonstrate software
  • show how to use ABM information
  • explain focus of ABM

ABM Initial Training for Departments/Cost Centers

Provide 1-4 hours of Training for Departments and Cost Centers to:

  • obtain their support
  • answer any questions
  • show how ABM will benefit them and their organization
  • explain concepts
  • demonstrate software
  • show how to use ABM information
  • explain focus of ABM

ABM Training After Implementation on How To Use ABM Information

Many ABM initiatives fail because Sr. Executives, Managers, and Process Workers do not know how to use ABM information properly. These workshops are geared toward individual cost centers and departments to:

  • identify areas that needed to be redesigned
  • answer any questions
  • show where different performance measures are necessary
  • discuss frequency of updates of driver information
  • discuss changes to number and frequency of activities

ABM Software Training

Software training can include:

  • basic training on software
  • using excel or Cognos for reporting
  • help in building the ABM model
  • how to customize software


Sr. Executive Managers Process Workers
Compensation Tied to Cross Functional
Business Process Performance
Compensation Tied to
Activity Performance
Compensation tied to
Activity Performance
Ask Managers About Improvement Ask Process Workers About Improvement Consider Process Improvement Part of Their Job
Tie Performance Measures to Strategy Educate Process Workers on How Their
Activities Affect Strategy
Understand How What They Do
Affects Strategy of Organization

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