Business Process Reengineering Methodolgy
Business Process Reengineering Methodology
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What is Business Process Reengineering Methodology? SiteMap

Where do you start?

1. You start business process reengineering with understanding why you need to reengineer? Business Process Reengineering: very disruptive process but often necessary process. Employees

  • Employees will have to learn new processes or different ways of performing old processes.
  • Employees will have to learn new pieces of equipment
  • Employees will have to learn new software
  • Employees may report to a different boss
  • Employees may have more or less responsibility
  • Employees with key knowledge will leave or take early retirement
  • Employees will try to sabotage the new processes
  • Employees will perform the old process within the new process
  • Employees will perform the old process instead of the new process
  • vendors will resist the new process
  • customers will resist the new process
  • Employees will work extra hours during the transition
  • Employees satisfaction will decrease during and after the transition.

So to overcome all of these challenges, an organization must understand why it is going to do business process reengineering.

2. You decide where you need to reengineer?

There are many processes of the organization that need improvement. Some process needs more improvement than other processes. However, the main criteria for selecting processes to reengineer is to pick processes that need to be reengineered in order t achieve your strategic objectives. These might not be the biggest problem processes. These are the processes critical to achieving your strategy.

3. You create a communication plan to explain the reasons for reengineering, the process, and the expected results.

You will need multiple ways to communicate. You will need to get your communication department involved early in this process.

4. Now you can begin the reengineering process.

Many organizations use outside consultants who:

  • have seen many different ways to perform a process and can share that experience
  • don't have bias toward a specific department, process, or person.
  • can focus scarce resources on reengineering rather than on facilitating.

5. Now you have reengineered the process.

  • you focus on getting executive approval
  • You focus on employee buy-in
  • you inform relevant vendors and customer to get their buy-in

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