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Reengineering Process Selection

Review with senior management those cross functional processes that have high payback potential and high probability of success. Recommend processes to reengineer.

Facilitate Reengineering of  Processes

Given our reengineering process, we will facilitate workshops with employees from different areas who perform activities within cross functional process to be reengineered. We will assist with:

  • gaining buy-in from management and employees
  • facilitating workshops
  • creating process maps of old and new processes 

Implement Reengineered Process

After process is reengineered, we will assist you with implementing changed process.  This can include:

  • Suggesting changes in staffing
  • Training
  • New performance measures
  • Reviewing new systems
  • Helping design any new systems that are needed  

Call Ken Kipers or John Antos at 972-980-7407 to find out how Reengineering can help you reach your goals and give you peace of mind

Reengineering To Be More Successful

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