Reengineering FAQ
Reengineering FAQ
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  1. What is reengineering?
  2. How often do organizations reengineer?
  3. Where should you reengineer?
  4. How successful is reengineering?

1. What is Reengineering?

Reengineering is radical redesign of cross functional business processes. It starts redesign with blank sheet of paper.

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2. How often do organizations reengineer?

Since reengineering is so expensive to do and time consuming, it is usually not done more often than every 3-5 years.

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3. Where should you reengineer?

Reengineering is best done first with those cross functional processes that are key to your business.  Unless you are in payroll processing business, processing payroll is not a key process for most organizations. An organization should select for reengineering those 5-10 cross functional processes that are key to its business.

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4. How successful is reengineering?

Answer depends on how you define success.  Some organizations defined reengineering success as 50% reduction in cost.  If they only saved 40%, they were failures.  Unless competitive pressures require 50% reduction, this goal for all reengineering projects is not realistic.  Also, many reengineering projects did not get fully implemented and therefore did not achieve results expected.  Reengineering not critical to your success support processes may not be best use of everyone's time.

Success is best achieved if organizations:

  • select key cross functional processes
  • set realistic improvement goals
  • actually implement change rather than just design change to processes

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