Business Process Reengineering Importance
Business Process Reengineering Importance
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The importance of Business Process Reengineering to any organization can not be stressed enough

  • the world is becoming more competitive. both internationally and domestically
  • there is over capacity in the world because many technological improvements have resulted in less staff being needed
  • technology will continue t make jobs obsolete
  • it is unclear if demand from emerging markets will fill up that capacity
  • some Asian markets are already feeling strong competition form other Asian markets
  • it is unclear whether savings rates will increase
  • it is unclear whether consumption rates will increase
  • it is unclear how much government spending will occur due to large debt
  • in some countries population is stagnant or decreasing
  • spending by retires in some countries will be much lower than projected
  • housing gains will not allow for large consumption in many countries
  • energy prices will take a larger percentage of income
  • water shortages may increase the price of food

For all of these reasons and for many more, it can not be stressed enough the importance of Business Process Reengineering to stay competitive.

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