Corporate Performance Management (CPM) & Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
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Corporate Performance Management (CPM) & Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) SiteMap
Corporate Performance Management (CPM) & Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) according to Gartner:
  • "allows businesses to integrate operational analytics and planning aspects of supply chain management (SCM) and Product Life Cycle Management with CPM applications and processes."

"...ultimate goal is to provide better alignment between strategic and operational performance."

* Hype Cycle for Corporate Performance Management, 2004 June 30, 2004 ID G00120927

Rather than wait for the ultimate software which may be several years off, we think organizations should start their journey. By starting now, organizations won't lose their competitive advantage to their competitors who have already started their journey. 

Call John Antos at 972-980-7407 or email to find out how integrating Product Costing and Supply Chain Management and Corporate Performance Management can help you reach your goals and give you peace of mind.

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