Performance Measures FAQ
Performance Measures FAQ
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Performance Measures FAQ SiteMap
  1. What is Performance Management?
  2. What are Process Performance Measures?
  3. Can Organization Have Successful Performance Measurement System Without Process Improvement Program?

1. What is Performance Management?

Performance Management: is organization system to create appropriate analytics and metrics to successfully achieve organization goals. Includes software, policies, procedures, tools, and forms used to improve performance:
  1. Planning: assigning business objectives to individuals; identifying daily operational activities, outputs, and target measures; and, identifying which long-term competencies are most important to a specific job. Output of planning process is agreed upon performance plan for specific performance period.
  2. Monitoring: observation of work and collection of performance data. 
  3. Coaching is used to help individual improve their Performance. Coaching should be continuous and non-confrontational. 
  4. Performance Appraisal compares individual's performance against assigned business objectives; activities, outputs, and target measures; and competencies. 
  5. Compensation: rewards individual for target/above target performance.
  • Performance Appraisal: subset of performance management
  • Job Performance Measures: subset of performance management
  • Performance Measurement: evaluation of organizations and divisions without considering strategy.
  • Performance Management: evaluation of organizations and divisions where performance measures and bonuses are tied to strategy

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2. What are Process Performance Measures?

Process Performance Measures are designed to capture cost, cycle time, conformance to standards, quantity, and quality performance. Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques are often used to improve performance at process level.

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3. Can Organization Have Successful Performance Measurement System Without Process Improvement Program

Generally, "it is difficult, but not impossible." A Successful performance measurement system links strategy to:

  • business and department scorecards
  • processes
  • job performance measures

Therefore, well-designed, company-wide performance measurement system will, in-and-of-itself improve performance to some degree.

But, a truly successful performance measurement system is designed with tools and techniques to close performance gaps between target performance measures and actual performance. 

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No one succeeded by measuring. They succeeded by improving. 

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