Performance Measurement Books
Performance Measurement Books
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  • Tonchia, Stefano and Luca Quagini, Performance Measurement: Linking Balanced Scorecard to Business Intelligence, 2010
  • Spitzer, Dean, Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success, 2007
  • Hatry, Harry, Performance Measurement: Getting Results, 2007
  • Merchant, Kenneth, Wim Van Der Stede, Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives, 2007
  • Antos, John & James A. Brimson, Activity-Based Management for Services Industries, Government Entities, & Nonprofit Organizations, (NY, NY : John Wiley & Sons, 1994)
  • Brimson, James A., Activity Accounting, (New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1991)
  • Brimson, James A., Activity Based Investment Analysis, (New York, NY: Amacom, 1989)
  • Devane, Tom, and Peggy Holman, Change Handbook: Group Methods for Creating the Future (Berrett-Koehler: San Francisco, CA 1999) 
  • Kaplan, Robert S. and David Norton, Harvard Business School Press, Translating Strategy Into Action
  • Kaplan, Robert S. and David Norton, Balanced Scorecard,  (Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press, 1996)
  • Maskell, Brian, Making The Numbers Count
  • Maskell, Brian, New Performance Measures--1994 Productivity Press, Portland, Oregon) 
  • Maskell, Brian, Performance Measurement for World Class Manufacturing-1991 Productivity Press, (Portland, Oregon) 

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