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Outsourcing Executive Overview (1-2 hour)

  • Show how Outsourcing will benefit your organization
  • Energizes your executives to support Outsourcing 
  • Show how Outsourcing supports your strategic goals 
  • Answers questions on how to integrate Outsourcing with other initiatives
  • Discuss various approaches to Outsourcing

Outsourcing Team Training (2 days)

This 2 day course shows implementers:

  • How to determine right team members to ensure success
  • Issues to consider to ensure success
  • Steps in designing a work plan
  • >considerations when evaluating outsourcing company
  • how to identify those areas that should be considered for outsourcing, 
  • how to identify potential vendors to outsource to,
  • factors to consider in negotiating outsourcing contract,
  • and outsourcer monitoring issues.

Provides participant with a structured framework for outsourcing decisions. Discuss need for outsourcing as well as corporate readiness for outsourcing. An understanding of where to start as well as how to develop realistic goals and expectations for outsourcing. Analyzing core competencies to determine outsourcing candidates, determining cost-benefit of long-term outsourcing decisions, and how to manage in company effects of outsourcing implementation and transition. It illustrates key issues to consider in contracting and negotiation.

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