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Outsourcing Book & Articles

Outsourcing Book

  • Greaver, Maurice, Strategic Outsourcing, (NY, NY: Amacom, 1999)

Outsourcing Articles

  • Outsourcing Marketing by Gail McGovern and John Quelch Harvard Business Review Mar 2005
  • Apicella, Mario,  'Shaking Hands Is Not Enough,  {rewarding relationship with service provider begins with well defined SLA outlining measurable performance expectations}, Infoworld, April 30, 2001 , P.49

  • Bothe, Stefan R.,  'Outsourcing For Small and Mid-sized Businesses,  CPA Journal, May 2001, p. 52
  • Davis, Charles E., Elizabeth B. Davis, & Lee Ann Moore, "Outsourcing Procurement-Through-Payables Process", Management Accounting, July 1998, p. 45.
  • Dineley, Doug,  'Should Outsourcers Be Part of Your IT Act?   Infoworld, February 12, 2001 , P.45

  • Drtina, Ralph, , "The Outsourcing Decision", Management Accounting, March 1994, p. 56.
    Isaacs, Nora, "Call in the outsourcers", INFOWORLD, May 17, 1999
  • Isaacs, Nora,  'Call in the Outsourcers, But First, Consider Both Hidden and Obvious Cost and Benefits,  Infoworld, May 17, 1999 , p.101

  • Kearney , Tim,  'Why Outsourcing is In,  Strategic Finance, January 2000, P.34

  • Kirk, Christine,  'Should You Outsource Your Business Processes?   Strategic Finance, January 2001, P.26

  • Krell, Eric,  'Outsourcing Extends Its Reach,  Supplement To Business Finance, May 2000, p.2

  • Krell, Eric,  'To Source, Strategically,  Supplement To Business Finance, May 2000, P.8

  • Leibs, Scott,  'How You Slice It,  CFO February 2001, Vol. 17 No.2, p.81, (outsourcing)
    Lewis, Bob,  'Outsourcing Prenuptial,  Infoworld, June 11, 2001 , P.46

  • Piturro, Marlene,  'Outsourcing Leap,  Strategic Finance, February 2001, p.40

  • Renner, Cleia J. and Darin Tebbe, "Who Is Outsourcing and Why?", Management Accounting, July 1998, p. 45.
  • Switser, Jim, "Trends in Human Resources Outsourcing", Management Accounting, November 1997, p. 22.
  • Verschoor, Curtis C. "Evaluating Outsourcing of Internal Auditing", Management Accounting, February 1992, p. 27.

Related Books

  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Driving Value Using Activity Based Budgeting, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY)
  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Activity Based Management for Service Industries, Government Entities, and Nonprofit Organizations, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY)
  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Activity Accounting, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY)

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