Predictive Accounting Registration
Predictive Accounting Training Registration
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Predictive Accounting Training Registration SiteMap
  1. Who is developing Predictive Accounting?
  2. Seminar Outline
  3. Predictive Accounting Training Dates & Locations
  4. Predictive Accounting Seminar Price
  5. Predictive Accounting Training Times
  6. Predictive Accounting On site seminars at your organization
  7. To Register for Predictive Accounting Training

1. Who is developing Predictive Accounting?

Jim Brimson started the CAM-I Cost Management project that created Activity Based Costing. He authored 5 books on Activity Based Costing, Activity Based Management, Activity Based Budgeting. 

He in conjunction with a global think tank of professors and industry executives are creating the concepts of Predictive Accounting. . 

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2. Predictive Accounting Seminar Outline

Understanding the imperative of implementing Predictive Accounting and how to create a resource consumption standard.


  • Why Predictive Accounting?
  • Compare and contrast to Traditional Accounting
  • Overview of Predictive Accounting

Importance of Processes

  • What is Process Management?
  • What is Process Variation?
  • What is Process Mapping?
  • How processes provide Predictive Accounting framework?

Value Creation

  • Contrast value creation with cost management
  • Provide process based value creation model
  • Show how to integrate value creation into Predictive Accounting system.

Activity Analysis

  • What is activity analysis?
  • Practical dictionary approach
  • Creating initial resource consumption model
  • Using outputs as basis for resource consumption model
  • Validate and improve model

Create information necessary to support process accounting.

  • Present process variation analysis methodology
  • Show how to integrate process variation into predictive Accounting system.

Outcomes/Performance Measures

  • How to define Outcomes
  • How to define Outcome Measures
  • Using SPC to measure process performance

Produce 4th Financial Statement on Process Performance

  • What are components of Process Performance Statement
  • Available Software

Earned Value Reporting

  • What is Earned Value reporting
  • Why earned value is practical approach to easily maintain process data

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3. Predictive Accounting Training Dates & Locations



February 18 Chicago Monday
February 20 San Francisco Wednesday
February 22 Dallas Friday
March 25 New Orleans Monday
March 18 Atlanta Monday
March 20 Philadelphia Wednesday
March 22 Washington, DC Friday
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4. Predictive Accounting Training Price

Your investment in this practical and latest thinking Predictive Accounting seminar is:

  • $600 for first person
  • $500 per person for 2 or more people from same organization

Make check payable to: Value Creation Group , Inc.

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5. Predictive Accounting Training Times

Seminar will be from 9 AM -5 PM

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6. Predictive Accounting On Site Seminars For Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Accounting departments are always looking for:

  • new ideas to improve financial results
  • Continuing Education Units for their staffs

We can present this provocative seminar at your location.  

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7. To Register for Predictive Accounting Training

  1. Complete Predictive Accounting Registration Form below
  2. Mail your organization or personal check made payable to Value Creation Group, Inc. to:

Value Creation Group, Inc.
7820 Scotia Drive #3000
Dallas, TX 75248

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If you have any questions, email us at or call John Antos at 972.980.7407

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