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"Proactive, non-reactive, management can be achieved through process-based accounting. Utilizing existing tools...ISO9000, Six Sigma, and Activity-Based Costing, process-based accounting can enable a company to explain why financial results are what they are and how future financial results can be controlled." 
Donna Borowicz, CFO, Yellow Pages

"Finally ....serious effort at developing achievement- oriented performance management system based upon ...process management, which link other initiatives, such as our Six Sigma program.  ... captures essence of process management and develops vision .... on how to integrate and evaluate business enterprises." 
John Campi, General Manager, General Electric

"Jim Brimson's vision for capturing process-based information as a forward-looking tool is a practical and coherent blueprint for the future.  Application of the principles and practices embodied in this excellent publication could go a long way toward marrying the accounting function to the business engine of the future." 
Samuel Hillin, Jr., Sr. VP, Morningstar Foods 

"To realize true performance improvement, employee behavior must change at all levels of organization. Effective application of process-based accounting principles will provide foundation necessary to achieve those necessary behavior changes, and ultimately improve performance.
Peter Konecny, Brewery Controller, Miller Brewing

Predictive Accounting Book

  • Brimson, James A., John Antos, & Cecily Raiborn, Predictive Accounting, (AICPA, March 2002)

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  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Driving Value Using Activity Based Budgeting, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY)
  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Activity Based Management for Service Industries, Government Entities, and Nonprofit Organizations, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY)
  • Brimson, James A. & John Antos, Activity Accounting, John Wiley & Sons (New York, NY )

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