Benchmarking FAQ
Benchmarking FAQ
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  1. What is Benchmarking?
  2. Can My Organization Benchmark Without Outside Assistance?
  3. Is Benchmarking Expensive?
  4. Is It Better To Join a Study Or Commission My Own Study?

1. What is Benchmarking?

On cover of "The Benchmarking Book, by Michael Spendolini, he defines benchmarking as a continuous, systematic process for evaluating the products, services, and work processes of organizations that are recognized as representing best practices for the purpose of organization improvement.

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2. Can My Organization Benchmark Without Outside Assistance?

An organization can benchmarking without outside assistance if they can:

  • Identify what they want to benchmark
  • Identify firms to benchmark against
  • Collect and organize the benchmark data
  • Convince other organizations to give them confidential data

Obviously, the last bullet makes benchmarking without a independent 3rd party to correct the confidential data almost impossible.

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3. Is Benchmarking Expensive?

Because the cost of benchmarking is spread over a number of firms, the investment any one firm has is relatively small.

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4. Is It Better To Join a Study Or Commission My Own Study?

There are financial and results tradeoffs that an organization must address in deciding whether to join a study or commission their own study:

  • Commissioned study: you decide questions, organizations to benchmark and how you want data reported
  • Join study: participants decide questions and how data is reported. 

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