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Benchmarking Consulting
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Czarnecki group provides necessary research support efforts in organizations engaged in Benchmarking. We provide basic research by: 

  • Providing access to article databases on selected Benchmarking topics 
  • Conducting customized research on selected areas through the use of targeted surveys 
  • Conducting telephone interviews with process owners 
  • Professionally summarizing and presenting in form that key learning can be derived with minimal effort.

On-Line Implementation Support

Czarnecki's group has trademarked Benchmarking Network On-Line. This On-Line Performance Database features over four hundred Key Performance Indicators. These indicators provide valuable comparative statistics used in identifying "World Class" performers. These companies then become targeted for additional reviews of internal processes.

Outsourcing Your Benchmarking Efforts

Czarnecki's group supports study findings for its clients by:

  • Developing implementation proposals for client action
  • Translating Benchmarking findings to support the clients' business process reengineering efforts
  • Monitoring changes over time

Czarnecki's group maintains its independence from findings by not providing full-scale implementation services. Best practices we identify are based on results of the study. The objective of our efforts is to provide the highest value findings, not to continue to sell additional services.

Call Mark Czarnecki at 972.980.7407 to find out how Benchmarking  will help you reach your goals and give your peace of mind

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