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Some issues to consider when creating a supply chain solution:

  • Never only one supply chain solution
  • Why am I doing Supply Chain Management
  • How critical is success in Supply Chain Management for our company?
  • Is it better to take this in stages rather than all at once?
  • What type of staff can we devote to obtaining a solution?
  • What type of consulting or coaching help do we need so we don't waste time and financial resources. There are lost opportunity coasts that we could have had if we implemented a solution faster
  • What buy-in do we have from our suppliers? executives? customer?
  • Should we start with financial flows? information flows? products flows?
  • What are physical and information security issues we need to consider in our solution?
  • Who will manage supply chain for our company
  • How frequently 

These and many other questions need to be addressed when creating a solution for your supply chain.

Email below or call Jim Ayers or Frank Erzinger at 972-980-7407 to find out what Supply Chain Solution is best for you.

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