Supply Chain Cost
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What part of your supply chain do you want to cost?

  • Which departments in your organization (e.g., purchasing, warehousing, accounting, quality)?
  • Do you include immediate customers and your customer's customers?
  • Do you include direct vendors and their vendors?
  • Which vendors do you include?
  • Do you cost your supply chain only once or do you cost it monthly or quarterly?
  • What type of Activity Based Costing software will you use to cost your supply chain?
  • Who in your organization is responsible for calculating supply chain cost?

These and many other questions need to be addressed when you cost your supply chain.

Email or call John Antos, Jim Ayers or Frank Erzinger at 972-980-7407 to find out how to cost and improve your Supply Chain Cost.

Supply Chain Cost
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Find Out How to Cost Your Supply Chain

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