Strategic Management
Strategic Management
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Most organizations fail according to Kaplan and Norton not because of a poor strategic plan.

Most organizations fail because they do not execute their strategic plan very well.

Organizations fail to execute their strategic plan because they have poor strategy management

There are a number of reasons for this failure to execute the strategic plan.

No one is in charge of the strategic plan .

  • There may be a vice president of strategic planning who facilitates the strategic plan but does not have the authority on a day to day basis to execute the strategic plan
  • Senior executives are so busy putting out fires that it is easy for them to lose focus on what the strategic plan was
  • CEO gets focused on tactics rather than strategy. Some surveys indicate that a typical CEO might spend less than 1 day per month focused on the strategic plan.

Strategy Management to the rescue

  • There must be a person who is in charge of strategic execution in addition to strategy creation.
  • some companies create the Office of Strategic Management to facilitate this
  • The Balanced Scorecard approach can help get everyone focused on how what they do affects strategy.

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Great Strategic Planning Can Make You More Successful

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