Strategic Planning Books
Strategic Planning Books
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Strategic Planning Books
  • De Wit, Bob, Strategy: Process, Content, Context, 1999
  • Doole, Isobel, International Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation, 1999 
  • Drucker, Peter, Age of Discontinuity, 1969
  • Dussage, Pierre, Garrette, Bernard, Cooperative Strategy: Competing Successfully Through Strategic Alliances, 1999
  • Foster, Lawrence, Advances in Applied Business Strategy, Vol 6, 1999
  • Goold, Michael/Campbell, Andrew/Alexander, Marcus, Corporate-Level Strategy, 1994
  • Hamel, Gary/Prahalad, C. K., Competing for Future, 1994
  • Handy, Charles, Beyond Certainty: Changing Worlds of Organizations, 1998
  • Harvard Business Review, Corporate Strategy, 1999
  • Hussey, David, Strategy and Planning: A Manager's Guide, 1999
  • Jain, Subhas, Marketing Planning and Strategy, 1999
  • Manning, Tony, World Class!: Strategies for Winning with Your Customer, 1999
  • Miller, Paul, Strategy and Marketing, 1999
  • Mintzburg, Henry, Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, 1994
  • Modis, Theodore, Conquering Uncertainty: Understanding Corporate Cycles & Positioning Your Company to Survive Changing Environment, 1998
  • Mohrman, Susan A./Lawler, Edward E./Ledford, Gerald E., Strategies for High Performance Organizations: Employee Involvement, TQM, & Reengineering Programs: June 1000 Corp., 1998
  • Newby, Chris, Sales Strategies: The Strategy of Negotiating & Winning at Corporate Sales 1999
  • Porter, Michael, Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors, 1980
  • Roome, Nigel J., Sustainability Strategies for Industry: The Future of Corporate Practice, 1998
  • Siegel, David, Futurize Your Enterprise: Business Strategy in the Age of the E-Customer, 1999
  • Skellon, Nick, Corporate Combat - Art of Market Warfare in Business Battlefield: When Business Is War, These Are the Rules of Competitive Strategy, 1999
  • Sundbo, Jon, Freeman, Christopher, Theory of Innovation: Entrepreneurs, Technology and Strategy, 1999
  • Thompson, Arthur/Stappenbeck, Gregory, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: Business Strategy Game Package,  1999

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