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Cost Reduction Program SiteMap

Before you set up a cost reduction program, you need to decide:

  • Do you want a one-time initiative like Reengineering or Continuous Improvement Program
  • Whether executives will commit long term to cost reduction program or will their attention turn to other initiatives?
  • Whether you will relate cost reduction to individual performance appraisal programs?

  • Which senior executive will sponsor cost reduction program?

  • Will you use Activity Based Costing and/or Six Sigma or will you use some other techniques?
  • What you will do to prevent cost reduction program from just becoming something you try for a year before moving on to next initiative?
  • What part of cost reduction program will you use consultants and what part will you use internal resources?
  • Whether you will buy any software to manage your program?
  • Whether you will set cost reduction goals or whether your customers have set cost reduction goals for you?

Email below or call John Antos, Jim Brimson, Steve Peacock at 972-980-7407 to find out how to set up a cost reduction program that matches your culture.. 

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