Budgeting Consulting
Budgeting Consulting
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Budgeting Services

Budgeting Training

  • Discuss problems with current budgeting process
  • Discuss what other organizations are doing
  • Discuss replacing budgeting with forecasts
  • Discuss disconnect budgeting from performance reviews

Budget Analysis

  • Discuss problems with traditional budget analysis
  • Discuss alternatives to traditional budget analysis
  • Discuss how volume or flexible budgeting fits into analysis

Implementation To Decrease Focus on Budgeting and Increase Focus on Forecasting

Take you through the steps that will help you change your focus from budgeting to forecasting:

  • discuss what other organization have done
  • discuss trade-offs of monthly, quarterly, year end, 5 quarter forecasting
  • discuss decoupling of performance with budget

Call John Antos at 972-980-7407 to find out how Next Generation Budgeting can help you reach your goals and give your peace of mind

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