Business Management Success Process Management, Continuous Improvement, Performance Management, Cost Accounting, Forecasting, Budgeting

Business Management: Process Management, Continuous Improvement, Performance Management, Cost Accounting, Forecasting, Budgeting

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business processes management Business Processes Management
 Avoids handoff problems between departments
 Optimizes entire process not just one area
 Makes strategy and goal achievement easier
 Focuses on Effectiveness as well as Efficiency

 learn more Business Process Management

cost reduction continuous improvement Continuous Improvement-Cost Reduction
In competitive world, all organizations need:  
Continuous Improvement programs
 Creativity for Cost Savings
Improved Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
Improved Quality and Cycle Time Reduction       

ore  Continuous Improvement - Cost Reduction

Balanced Scorecard Performance Management Performance Management-Balanced Scorecard
Is everyone working in the same direction?
Do all staff key performance indicators support goals?
Do you have leading not just lagging indicators?
Are capital & operating budgets tied to strategy?

Performance Management Balanced Scorecard

Forecasting and Budgeting
Creating accurate forecasts is important to profits
Budgets should support strategy and goals
Understand cost drivers to forecast accurately
Quarterly forecasts are better than budgets
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Cost Accounting - Management Accounting
Success requires knowing costs and profits by products, services, customers.  Management Accounting provides this information.
Activity Based Costing :more accurately determines product, service and customer costs
Activity Based Management  reduces cost and cycle time

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Training is often first step to improvement. Training helps employees understand business management techniques and facilitates "buy-in" so it is easier to gain support  We train at your location at cost to send 2 people to a seminar
Learn  how we train employees for greater success

  Balanced Scorecard
  Business Management
  Business Process Management
  Continuous Improvement
  Cost Accounting
  Cost Reduction
  Performance Management

Thought Leaders - Practical - Flexible Our books show we are "thought leaders". Practical approaches help reach your goals. We are flexible so our solutions fit your needs
 Generation Next Business Management White Papers
  • Success does NOT result from meeting budget.
  • Success depends on adaptable, well structured processes
  • Arbitrary monthly historical analysis causes us to react to false signals and miss critical symptoms indicating a crisis.

  • Read White Papers On Future of Business Management

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    President's Agenda requires Performance Based Budgeting. Governments (state & local) want to relate budgets to Performance.

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    For 26 years we have created value for clients Our value creators typically have 20-30 years of experience in senior management positions We have been where you are. We understand your pressures to produce results. We bring valuable experience in many industries & public sector with different size organization for your benefit.

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