Outcome Planning and Budgeting
Outcome Planning and Budgeting
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Why Outcome Planning and Budgeting?

OMB (Office of Management and Budgeting) wants to institute Outcome Planning and Budgeting. Rather than have an Agency tell Congress they need more money for activities or increased volume, OMB wants Federal Government Agencies to relate their outcomes to their Plans and Budgets. 

For example, the Department of Education might have a plan to enable more students to enter college who otherwise would not be financially able to obtain a college education with loans and grants.  Traditional planning and budgeting says that we have 10,000 more phone calls, therefore Congress give me more money.

Outcome planning and budgeting would ask the Department of Education a variety of question some of which might be:

  • Why is college education important versus simply sending students to a trade school?
  • What are you doing with your current funding?
  • What are your plans to improve so that you can handle greater volume of phone calls with the same budget?
  • What other ways are there for getting information to students and their parents other than through a call center?

Focus would be on planning and budgeting for outcomes instead of activities.

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Outcome Planning and Budgeting

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