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Forecasting Books
  • Future Ready How to Master Business Forecasting, John Wiley, 2010
  • Six Rules for Effective Forecasting Paul Saffo Harvard Business Review Jul-Aug 2007
  • Andress, Mandy, Internal SLAs Benefit Entire Company, Clear expectations, metrics, and incentives boost systems performance, productivity, and morale.}, Infoworld, April 30, 2001, P.52

  • Chase, Richard & Dasu, Sriram, Want to Perfect Your Company Services? Use Behavioral Science, HBR, June 2001, P.78

  • Frieswick, Kris, Truth & Consequences, CFO, June 2001 Vol.17 No.7, p.56, (performance appraisal process)

  • Gardner, Robert A., Resolving Process Paradox, Quality Progress, March 2001 p.51

  • Kador, John, Leveraging Process Improvement, Four strategies to squeeze success from process improvement}, Infoworld, March 19, 2001 , P.39

  • Krell, Eric, Picking Right Performance Measures, IT Financial Management, June 2001, p.8

  • Leahy, Tad, 20/20 Vision in Performance Reporting, Business Finance, Jan. 2001, P.32 

  • Peiperl, Maury, Getting 360-Degree Feedback Right, HBR, January 2001, P.142

  • Worthen, Ben, Measuring the ROI of training, CIO, February 15, 2001 , P.128

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