Expense Tracking
Expense Tracking
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We have learned in last 20 years best way to track expenses is by:

  • Activities Performance of activities s what drives costs. If an organization performs an activity "prepare financial statements", this activity requires:
    • Personnel
    • Computers
    • Desk
    • Telephones
    • Facilities
    • Office supplies
  • If an organization performs this activity quarterly rather than monthly, then is will free up these resources to be used for other activities.

    Executives and managers waste a great deal of time analyzing expenses like wages, travel, rent, utilities. They should focus on activity volume and activity unit cost.

  • Cross Functional Processes Organizations should combine their activity costs into cross functional business processes. Usually greatest opportunity of improving operations is to look at handoffs between:
    • departments and cost centers
    • you and customers
    • you and vendors
    • you and shared services

Email below or call John Antos, Jim Brimson, Steve Peacock at 972-980-7407 to find out how to set up more actionable Expense Tracking system. 

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