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Determining Compensation Package

Balancing simplicity with a formula that makes sense and will drive shareholder value takes a great deal of experience and insight. We have that experience and insight.

Changing Compensation to 
Support Your Goals

Simply telling your executives and managers about the new formula will result in failure.  Compensation must be changed for executive and managers' compensation so that it supports your goals. If the formula is not flexible enough, certain events will make the results a disaster.  Everyone must understand how they can influence the goals and thus their compensation.

Improving Results So Employees Win

Some consultants feel that the only thing you need to do is define the goals (e.g., Economic Value/Shareholder Value formula) and change the compensation formula.  This should be rather minor portion of the consulting engagement.  What organizations executives and managers need to know is how to improve results.  We not only coach you on a better compensation package, we show how to achieve your goals.   

Consulting Engagement in Compensation

  • integrate compensation with your strategy
  • perform industry compensation surveys
  • develop compensation implementation plan
  • identify divisions to implement
  • change compensation plans
  • monitor initial results 
  • perform periodic check ups of your progress

Call Jim Mullis or Richard Malekian at 972-980-7407 to find out how we can help you reach your goals and give you peace of mind

Consulting to Give You Right Compensation Program to Achieve Your Goals

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