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Devane, Tom, Change Management Handbook: Group Methods for Changing the Future

Jager, Peter de, Resistance to Change: New View of Old Problem, Futurist, May-June 2001, P.24

 Reich, Robert, Change Insurgents, Fast Company, October 2000, P.143

  • Accelerating Corporate Transformations (Don't Lose Your Nerve!) Robert H. Miles Harvard Business Review Jan-Feb 2010
  • Big Shift: Measuring Forces of Change John Hagel III , John Seely Brown, Lang Davison Harvard Business Review Jul-Aug 09
  • Decoding Resistance to Change Jeffrey D. Ford and Laurie W. Ford Harvard Business Review Apr 2009
  • Picking the Right Transition Strategy Michael D. Watkins Harvard Business Review Jan 2009
  • How GE Teaches Teams to Lead Change Steven Prokesch Harvard Business Review Jan 2009
  • Your Company's Secret Change Agents Richard Tanner Pascale and Jerry Sternin Harvard Business Review May 2005
  • Fiat's Extreme Makeover Sergio Marchionne Harvard Business Review Dec 2008
  • Tools for Change Thomas A. Stewart Harvard Business Review Jun 2008
  • The Rewards of Rewarding Change Robert W. Gunn Harvard Business Review Apr 2008
  • The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change Carlo Strenger and Arie Ruttenberg Harvard Business Review Feb 2008
  • How to Change the World Howard H. Stevenson Harvard Business Review Jan 2008
  • Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail John P. Kotter Harvard Business Review Jan 07
  • Change Management in Government Frank Ostroff Harvard Business Review May 2006
  • Home Depot's Blueprint for Culture Change Ram Charan Harvard Business Review Apr 2006
  • The Hard Side of Change Management Harold L. Sirkin, Perry Keenan, and Alan Jackson Harvard Business Review Oct 2005

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