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Problem: Lack of Employee Alignment with Strategy

Approach: Implemented Balanced Scorecard through series of meetings with Chairman, President, and Senior Executives. Revised strategy, determined leading and lagging indicators for financial, customer, process, and growth and learning performance measures.

Results: Executive staff aligned with strategy with helped with owners being able to cash out and sell company.

Problem: Wanted to reduce costs of major service.

Approach: Through series of meeting identified current process and then starting with blank sheet created a more effective process. Created implementation plans and monitored implementation so saving would actually be achieved.  

Results: Resulted in almost half the staff being eliminated. President recommended us to 3 other division presidents where large improvements were made with our techniques. 

Problem: Wanted to improve operations in highly competitive industry.

Approach: Implemented Activity Based Management including Activity Based Costing, Process Improvement, and better Performance Measures through series of meetings with process workers.

Results: was used for Shared Service costing of IT which eventually resulted in setting up a separate Shared Services organization. Activity Based Costing showed some products and services were under-costed and some were over-costed.

Process improvement portion of Activity Based Management resulted in millions of dollars of savings by identifying non-value and cost drivers and creating action plans to reduce non-value. Also created improved performance measures that related to activities.

Problem: Wanted to improve a major process which was causing organization complaints, wasted dollars, and great pain. 

Approach: Through series of meetings with process workers from various departments we identified sources of complaints and problems. We broke group up into two teams who came up with approaches to problem.  The approaches were compared and best parts of each approach were utilized.  An officer was selected to head up implementation of new approach which consisted of short-term process changes and longer-term computer changes.

Results: Working on 3 different processes, savings of $1.8 million, $750,000, and $1.6 million were achieved.

Problem: Wanted to understand cost of various processes for different products/services.

Approach: Implemented Activity Based Costing through series of two meeting with process workers.  

Results: better understanding of cost of various processes that make up total cost of product.  Allowed management to make better decisions. Results in quarterly and then monthly reporting of Activity Based Costing (ABC) numbers.  President discussed ABC numbers during monthly meetings with various managers in 6 regional processing centers. 

Problem: Company had tried Quality and other techniques and was looking for way to improve operations and costing of products. 

Approach: Implemented Activity Based Management through series of meeting with process workers and managers.  

Results: resulted in one product being dropped because Activity Based Costing determined it was not profitable.  Coordinated improvement efforts with Quality.  Identified and quantified non-value and created action plans to improve operations.  

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