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What Services Does Your Organization Need?
  1. Do your executives agree which 20% of your customers are unprofitable? Yes No
  2. Do executives agree which 20% of products/services/SKUs are unprofitable? Yes No
  3. Do your workers know how their performance contributes to organization goals? Yes No
  4. Are your organization performance measures related to your strategic plan?  Yes No
  5. Do you have leading as well as lagging performance measures? Yes No
  6. Do managers understand charges from other areas like IT, HR, etc.? Yes No
  7. Are you reviewing cost, time, and quality of their cross-functional processes? Yes No
  8. Do you need to improve your processes to stay competitive?  Yes No
  9. Are your employees tracking and improving unit cost of their activities? Yes No
  10. Do you have predictive information rather than just historical information? Yes No
  11. _____? Yes No
  12. ___?  Yes No
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